Sunday, June 6, 2010

The End of Another School Year

Noah has just finished the 4th grade. Wow, how time flies. I know he is glad to be done with this year. We have been so spoiled to have had such great, inspiring teachers up until this year but this year, he had Mrs. Procter and let's just say he isn't sad to be out of her class. I know Noah can be silly and he likes to talk a lot. He was even labeled the class clown and was pretty proud of it; however, I felt that Mrs. Procter didn't draw on his strengths but preyed on his weaknesses. His self esteem kinda went down. On the plus side, he did make some great friends this year and got second place for his AR points for the year. He is a smart kid but sometimes he can goof off and talk a little too much. A few weeks ago, the kids in his class were asked to write a report on a historical figure. Noah chose Lebron James....not real historical. He did it anyway and wrote up the whole paper. At the end of this, he was supposed to dress up like his character for a wax museum. He told me he was just going to dress up like Deron Williams since he didn't have a Lebron James jersey. Anyway, so here he is in his Jazz-DWill stuff for his Lebron James paper. WTH???

They had the AR assembly on Wednesday. AR stands for advanced reading. Noah got second in his class and got to go on stage and get a medal. He LOVES to read. He almost always has his nose in a book and he is constantly starting a book and then switching to a new book. That drives me crazy but I'm happy that he likes to read. After the AR assembly, the whole 4th grade got to go to Hollywood Connection for the afternoon. They got to skate, play video games, miniature golf and ride the rides. He told me he had a great time. Thursday was field day. I went and volunteered for that for a couple of hours. I got kinda burned. It wasn't that hot and it was a little overcast so I though I was fine but my neck got burned and the tops of my feet. Friday was the last day! Noah found out he is going to have Mrs. Graf next year and I'm so excited. I have heard such great things about her and she used to be in our ward. Hopefully Noah will have a better experience next year.