Friday, July 20, 2012

Crystal Springs

So we tried and tried to arrange a family trip with all of my siblings and parents and it was just so hard to coordinate every one's schedules so we decided to let it go this year.  I had a week of time off this past week so I decided to go to Crystal Springs with Noah.  I invited anyone else who wanted or could come and it ended up just being my parents and me and Noah.  We had fun being together and of course making memories.  I hadn't been to Crystal Springs in quite a few years and I think I remember why.  It is a little run down and the camping wasn't the greatest.  A train kept passing through every 2 hours during the night and honking this loud horn.  We did however eat at Maddox in Brigham City the night we went up and then met Kelly and his family at a pizza place in Logan.  It was a short little get away and not the best but we still had fun.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tara came to Town

So Tara came to town towards the end of June and stayed for 2 weeks.  It was so great to have her and her boys her to hang out with.  We walked the hill quite a few times and had some great chats.  We did a girls night and got pedicures and went to Olive Garden, saw Rock of Ages (great movie if you love the 80's classics), went to the Children's Museum and even squeezed in an episode of the Bachelorette...It was great having her here and I just love her 2 little guys to pieces..

Milika at The Childrens Museum

Drew and Noah in one of the cars at the museum

In a helicopter

Hanging out on Grandma and Grandpas front lawn