Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trip to the ER

Okay, so just so you all don't think I'm crazy, I'm just trying to date my blog as close to the date that some of these things really happened. It wasn't really last night that we were at the ER but according to the date I put, it was. Anyway, so this is what happened. Last night we were at Holiday Oil filling up the car with gas. Lately, Noah has been helping pump the gas. He likes to do it and I'm usually right there to watch him to make sure he is doing it all right. I ran in to the store to grab a drink and when I came out, Noah was screaming and I could see what had happened. Somehow he had gotten gas all over himself including his face and eyes. His eyes were burning so bad and he was so freaked out, I could barely get him to tell me what happened. We ran in to the rest room at Holiday Oil and I tried to rinse his eyes out but they were still burning. I called Poison Control and they said I should probably take him to an ER to be checked out. They said the gas could cause corneal abrasions and result in permanent damage. I guess that was the worst case scenario. I took him over to Pioneer Valley. It definitely isn't my favorite hospital but its the closest. They got us back pretty quickly and the doctor put some numbing drops in Noah's eyes. He turned off the lights in the room and looked at his eyes with a special eye lamp. Noah thought it was pretty cool because his eyes were "glowing in the dark". They couldn't find any damage witch was a relief. Everyone in the ER kept talking about how it smelled like gas. It was pretty strong smelling all through the ER. I'm glad he was okay. When he was finally calm enough to tell me what happened, he said he was pulling the nozzle out and gas starting spraying back at him. I think he may have had the trigger on the nozzle still pushed in. I didn't have my camera but I took a picture with my camera phone so it isn't the best picture.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Fun at Bear Lake

We usually go on a family camp out every summer. This year we went to Bear Lake. It is so beautiful there. I just love going there. We went July 9-11. It was a lot of fun. We had 2 boats and 2 jet skis. Kristi and Lloyd bought a boat this year so they brought their boat up and then Kelly borrowed his father in laws boat and jet skis. It was a lot of fun but very hot. I got a little sunburned, okay a lot sunburned. I didn't use as much sunscreen as I should have. Always trying for the tan but usually end up getting burned. You think I'd know better by now. The cousins all had a great time together. After spending all of Friday at the lake, we were all pretty worn out. We went back to camp and Mom and Dad had made a yummy dinner of roast and potatoes. It was like Sunday dinner in the mountains. It was fun sitting around the campfire and chatting and roasting marshmallows. Mom also had some fun crafts for the kids to do. It got pretty cold at night even though it was so hot during the day. The mosquitoes were really bad this year too. Noah and I slept in the back of our car. It wasn't too bad and stayed pretty warm in there. On Saturday, we took our time coming home. We stopped by Cherish's dads house and went and toured the new "mansion" he is building. It is amazing. Here are some of the pictures I got. I always wish I would've taken more pictures but sometimes its a hassle to try and take them when you are trying to have fun.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

We just celebrated Independence day last Saturday. It is so awesome that we live in this free country and have so many things in such abundance. We are so lucky. It's so nice to have a day that we can spend with friends and family and honor this beautiful country. This year, we went to Kelly and Cherish's house for a BBQ and fireworks. We had a great time. The kids had fun playing together. We had good food, played badminton and did fireworks. Oh and I can't forget that we spent a while watching some of Michael Jackson's old videos. Talk about memories. The weather was great. Do you like the name of this post? I was trying to think of something creative and that was all I could come up with. Well, I'm on a blogging roll and there are lots of pics.


Okay, I'm probably pretty pathetic to have a post about Michael Jackson but I couldn't help it. He was my teenage heartthrob. I remember when the Thriller album came out and I had to have the record. Yes, back then it was records. I loved all of the songs on it and listened to it all the time. I especially loved "Thriller" and the Thriller video. Me and my sister Kristi would constantly watch MTV waiting for the video to come on. Of course, we had to wait for when my parents weren't home because they wouldn't let us watch MTV. The picture I posted is what he looked like when I had a crush on him. As time went on, he had plastic surgery and started changing his looks and I didn't really think he was attractive anymore. It also seemed like he got kinda weird and there were accusations about him molesting some children. I hope these things aren't true but who knows? Well, as everyone knows, he died on June 25th. He was only 50 years old. There are speculations as to the true cause of his death ranging from a heart attack to drug overdose. It has been all over the media since. It seems like at the time of his death he was sad and lonely. Who would think that someone with all of his fame and fortune could be sad and lonely? It just goes to show that money can't buy happiness. It really makes me sad that he kind of had a sad life in many ways despite his fame. I feel like a part of my childhood is gone now. I know, I'm lame. I still love his music and will continue to listen to it. I hope he is in a better place now and free of the pain he experienced here. RIP MJ.

Scout Camp

I ended up going to scout day camp again this year. I was only supposed to help drive but one of the other leaders was sick and they needed me to drive and stay up there with the boys the whole day. The day I went was the "Galaxy Quest" day. It was fun for the boys but a little boring for me. I was only in charge of 4 boys and I had another leader from my ward up there with me too. They got to learn about the solar system, do an obstacle course, make rockets to launch, do archery and even went on a little nature hike. I was kind of dreading going but it was okay. Noah liked that I was there.

Doing the obstacle course
These are the 4 boys I was in charge of


Summer Happenings

I can't believe that a month of summer has already come and gone. I guess it hasn't seemed like summer yet because of all the rain we have been getting. We went to Lagoon a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. I even got Noah to go on the big white roller coaster and a few other rides that I didn't think he would go on. It was a nice day and not too hot. It was only in the 70's that day so it was perfect. We got the bounce back special so we might go again before the summer is over. Noah went to a basketball camp at the beginning of June for 3 days. It was at Franklin Covey and he went for 4 hours each day. He had a great time and says he learned a lot and made some new friends. He is really loving basketball right now. He loves the Jazz and is always talking about Deron Williams. Noah also went to Lake Powell June 23-27th with his dad. He had fun and wasn't even sunburned when he came back. He said he did the knee board for the first time this year. I didn't get any pictures at Lagoon because I didn't really want to have to carry my camera around. Maybe if we go back, I'll have to try and get a few. So far, the summer has been good but is going by way too fast.