Thursday, July 24, 2014

Newman Reunion

We had our annual Newman reunion up at Kelly's again this past weekend.  We all had a great time.  We did a hike, rode ATV's,  drove Kelly's father in laws sports cars, did a talent show and just hung out.  It was a lot of fun just being with everyone.  Kevin came this year and he had a great time.  He gets along really well with the whole family.  It was fun having him up there.  Tara and Raleigh weren't able to make it this time so we missed them but it was great to have everyone else there.  It is so much fun for the cousins to get to spend some good quality time together.
                                  Sunrise hike

                                 Kevin and Noah on the hike

                                              Sunrise hike
                                              Fun on the bikes

                                             ATV fun

                                Teenagers getting ready to go to a youth dance
                                  Having fun with the sports cars
                                   Ken and Mel
                                 Mom, Kristi, Mel, me and Cherish
                                 Mom and Dad
                                             Daniel playing guitar
                                             Tayiba dancing
                                             Caleb doing a stand up routine
                                             Harmony doing Napolean Dynamite

                                             Siera trying to get Noah to dance
                                             Abi playing piano
                                             Mom telling us some stories

Me and Noah