Friday, May 11, 2012

Mom's Retirement

My Mom has finally retired after 23 long years. I know that place is going to miss her. She was such a good employee. To celebrate, we all went to Maddox for dinner in Brigham City. That is my parents favorite restaurant. I forgot how good it was. We bought her flowers and a cake. It was a lot of fun but we missed Loyd, Tara and Raleigh who weren't able to make it. 

All of us at the restaurant.  The pic was taking with my cell phone so it's not the best quality.

Mom with her cake...Her eyes are closed but it's the only pic I got.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


The baseball season is now over.  This was the first season that he played real baseball.  He had only done Tball and machine pitch before.  Noah had a good time. He started off a little sluggish and was struggling at bat. He wasn't sure he was really enjoying it but towards the end of the season, he started getting some good hits and starting liking it a lot more. He is already excited for next season. He had some really nice coaches and knew most of the kids on the team.

His team was the New York Yankees

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Noah was in our ward roadshow. I was surprised he wanted to participate but he did a great job and had a lot of fun doing it. He was Flash (the superhero) and a Jedi. He had a couple of lines but they are hard to hear in the video.  We had to come up with his costume on our on own.  I made his shirt with felt and then we bought some old rain boots at DI and I spray painted them yellow and then we made him a mask.  He said that all of the leaders kept telling him how cool his costume was.  We also got a dvd copy of the whole show too.  It was pretty funny.

Spring Break

Spring break came and went so fast this year. Noah got a whole week of school off. We tried to do a few fun activities to break up the monotony. We rode the Frontrunner train to Layton and ate lunch and rode it back home. It was kinda cool to ride on but kind of expensive. We went and saw "Wrath of the Titans". Not my first choice, but Noah really wanted to see it so we did. We went shopping up at the Park City outlets and had dinner up there. We also dyed Easter eggs. Noah also had a baseball game, played with friends and went swimming with his cousins at the rec center. Now we are back to the grind of school again. It was a nice little break and made me look forward to the summer. We had Easter dinner at my parents house and a  Easter egg hunt for the little ones. We had the bigger kids hide the eggs.