Thursday, October 13, 2011


The month of September came and went so fast. School is in full swing now. Noah is doing well this year. He really likes his teachers and kids in his class. I love Fall and I wish this weather could last longer than it does. It seems like we jump from Summer to Winter so fast without much of a Fall. Not a whole lot went on this month. Fall TV is back and there are some pretty good shows on. I started a few new ones that are pretty good and some not so good.
At the beginning of the month, we went to a Granger football game. It was the first game on their new field and it was the same night they were dedicating the field. The new field is way nice. It's like an astro turf. Ironically, they were playing Cyprus but I had to cheer for Granger won by quite a large margin. It felt so weird to be there. I felt so old among all these young teenage kids. It's so hard to believe how long it's been since I was one of those kids.

We also went to the fair this year which is always so ridiculously overpriced. We walked around and looked at the displays, ate some nasty "fair food" and Noah went on a couple rides. It was fun and the weather was nice.
They had some kangaroos there and they were pretty cute. They were hopping all around in their cage. They were brought in from Australia. I don't think I've ever seen a real Kangaroo. (other than on tv)

They had the fun mirrors and me and Noah couldn't stop laughing. Noah looked like he had super long legs and a small torso. The picture isn't very good but its was hilarious.

The big yellow slide

I thought this was pretty cool. It was a cow family that was all sculptured from butter. Can you imagine how tedious and difficult that must have been? They had them inside a little house that was cool to keep them from melting. They were pretty detailed too.