Friday, May 17, 2013


Kenny and Melodie invited us to go to Disneyland with them.  They had never taken their kids and were planning a trip.  We ended up going and my parents came also.  We stayed in some condos just a couple of blocks from Disneyland.  Me and Noah stayed in a condo with my parents and Kenny and Melodie and their kids stayed in another room just down the hall from ours.  We went to Disneyland 2 days, Universal Studios and the beach.  It was nice and the weather was perfect.  Tara and her boys met us down there and stayed for a couple of days.  They went to the beach with us.  We went to Huntington Beach.  Noah and I flew down on Monday night and went home Saturday morning.  It was a nice little vacation.  I'm glad we decided to go.

They have a new place in California Adventure called Cars Land.  They have a really fun Cars ride.  It was probably one of our favorite rides.

Noah riding Dumbo with Jaxon

Me and Noah in front of It's a Small World

Cool Lego store in Downtown Disney

View from Universal Studios


Having dinner at Red Robin

Cousins-Jaxon, Drew, Noah, Luke and Abi

Ken and Melodie and their kids

My parents

Kenny buried in the sand

Noah buried in the sand

Soaring over California ride

Monsters Inc ride

Disney parade

Getting on the plane to go home