Friday, October 29, 2010

National Parks Fair

This year for 5th grade they did a National Parks Fair instead of a science project but it was just as much work as a science project. Each kid picked out a park and had to write a 5 page report and do a poster board and research their park. Noah chose Harry S. Truman National Historic Site. I'm still not quite sure why this was his choice but it was. I also helped do the state posters for the fair which was a lot of work. The teacher wanted posters made of all the states that were represented in the fair. It was fun but I'm glad its over. The kids were also supposed to dress to resemble something about their park so Noah dressed up as Harry S. Truman. He wore a suit jacket and some glasses. We tried to slick his hair down a little but it's so long and thick right now that it didn't work out too well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

UEA and Fall Fun

Noah was out of school for a couple of days for UEA a.k.a. Fall break. The weather was really nice. We went out to Gardner Village one night and checked out the cute witches and then went on a "Ride to a Witch". We did that last year too. It's so fun. You go on a wagon ride to this little house and it has real people dressed up as witches that tell stories to the kids. Noah loved it. We also went to this place called Hee Haw farms out in Pleasant Grove. They had some fun games and a pumpkin patch and then the best part to Noah was the haunted hay ride. It was actually pretty scary but fun. They didn't do the scarecrow festival this year so I heard big Budah advertising this Hee Haw farms place so we went there instead and it turned out to be pretty fun. We we even saw Big Budah there too. Noah wasn't liking me wanting to take pictures of him. He is that age now but I tried to get as many as I could.

Noah on the giant pumpkin. He doesn't get too excited when I want to take pictures but I make him let me anyway.

Noah riding the go carts.

This witch dressed up in red kept calling Noah handsome and asking him for a kiss goodnight. It was pretty funny.

This witch is in the outhouse, hence Noah's facial expression.