Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Brrrrr.......

This was from the really big snow storm we got on New Years Eve. Noah was shoveling the stairs and sidewalk. He was having fun playing in the fresh powder. It was up to his knees.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Noah's #11

My son turned 11 on Thursday. I'm feeling so old and wondering how he can already be this old. With each birthday, I keep reminding myself to cherish those everyday moments and simple pleasures of these growing up years because they are quickly being taken away and won't be there to enjoy. On his actual birthday, I took him to Red Robin for dinner and then he had basketball practice that night. On Saturday, I took him to Fat Cats for his friend birthday party. He had 7 kids come including Josh, Skyler, Cody, Nick, Frankie, Tyler and Trevor. They all bowled 2 games, had pizza and played arcade games. They all seemed to have fun and I can't believe how hyper eight 10-11 year old boys can be. lol. Today, my family came over and we had dinner and cake. I told Noah that he got to have a birthday weekend. I hope he had a nice birthday. I'm proud of the sweet young man he is becoming and am so proud to be his mom.
Noah getting ready to blow out his candles and closing his I forgot to buy birthday candles and my mom brought over the two that she had so we just made the candles into an 11.

Grandma gave him a BYU jersey...Lloyd insisted on being in the

Noah's friends at Fat Cats. They all had to pose.

Cody and Tyler


Spelling Bee

Before Christmas break, Noah had a class spelling bee and was in the top 3 in his class so he got to go to the school spelling bee which was last Friday. He had a list of about 275 words to learn. Some of them he already knew. There were some pretty tough words on there, some that I had never heard of like, bibliothecarial???Who has heard of that or knows what that means? I made flash cards for him and we tried to study a little each night. He was pretty nervous but I told him I knew he would be okay. He knew most of the words on the list pretty well and there were a couple he still struggled with. In the first round, he got "warrior". As soon as I heard them say that I knew he had it made...then I heard him say "w-a-i"...I was like what? He got out in the first round. Warrior wasn't a word we studied. It was one of the easier words so we didn't really practice it. He felt bad and I think he was caught off guard that he got that word. I told him not to feel bad and to be proud that he even got to go to the school spelling bee. I'm so proud that he even made it as far as he did. Maybe he'll have better luck next year.

Cousin Sleep Over

My brother, Kenny's two kids, Jaxon and Abi came over on Friday for a sleep over so their parents could celebrate their anniversary. They were so fun to have and so cute. They were so well behaved. Jaxon kept following Noah everywhere. He adores him. They both slept on the floor in Noah's room. We watched "Shrek Forever After" and had popcorn. It was good times. This is a pic I got on my cell phone so the quality isn't that great but isn't this adorable?