Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Noah's birthday

Noah turned 12 on the 6th. Kent had him for his actual birthday so on Saturday, we went to dinner at Red Robin. That is his favorite restaurant. We also went and saw Mission Impossible. It wasn't my first choice but I actually liked it. It was pretty entertaining. Sunday, the family came over for pizza and cake to celebrate.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We had a nice Christmas once again. We did our family party the night before Christmas eve. We did it at my parents church. Everyone was able to be there. Noah had to leave a little early because he was supposed to be with Kent but he was able to do white elephants and eat dinner. It was a fun night. Christmas eve, Noah was with Kent. I slept most of the day and then went to dinner with Kevin. We went to Chili's and it was actually kinda busy for Christmas eve. I was supposed to work 11-7 but got called off. Christmas day, I went to church and then went to my parents and had breakfast and hung out until Noah got home at 1. We opened presents and then went back to my parents and hung out with the rest of the family for the day. I'm sad because I guess I didn't get any photos of our family party. Hopefully, Tara or Kristi got some that I can steal...:)

His favorite gift, the Ipod touch. He was so excited to open that.