Friday, May 29, 2009

Date night with Noah

I celebrated my birthday this past week. I'm getting old and not liking the idea but I tried to just enjoy the day and not dwell on the age factor too much. The day before my birthday, I went to lunch with Kristi and my Mom at Chili's. It was great food and great company, of course. Wednesday night, Noah and I went to Olive Garden for dinner and then we went and saw Night of the Museum 2. Way cute movie. I would totally recommend it. I wish we could just do "fun" things to celebrate birthdays but not actually have to get older. Oh well, I guess it is part of life right? Don't they say age is just a number???

Pinewood Derby

Last Saturday was the Pinewood Derby. This was the first one that Noah has been involved in. We got his car kit to make the car about a month before the derby. I actually asked Kent (Noah's dad) if he wanted to make the car with him. I figured this was more of a father/son thing. It was getting closer the the date of the derby and I kept asking Noah if he and his dad had worked on the car and Noah kept telling me no. I was starting to get a little worried that maybe Kent had forgotten. I called him and left him a message reminding him that he only had a few more days. Well, to make a long story short, Kent called me 2 days before the derby telling me that he hadn't had a chance to work on the car with Noah and so he was going to borrow a car from a friend. He told me this car would win because his friend made it for his son and he knew all the things to do to make it win. I didn't really care about that, I just wanted to make sure Noah had a car. Noah seemed fine with the idea of having a car that they didn't actually put together themselves. Noah ended up winning all of the races and of course was pretty excited about it. He also won for most aerodynamic, best paint job and a couple others that I can't remember. He had a really good time. After it was over, many of the parents kept asking me how we made the car and what we did to make it win. I just referred them to Kent telling them that it was all him. I do think it was cool that Noah won but I think it would've meant more to him if it was a car that he had made himself. He told me that Kent told him that next year they are going to make their "own" car. The guy that was in charge of the derby also told us that the wheels on Noah's car were illegal. Kent argued with him about it saying that the wheels said Pinewood Derby on them. Who knows if they were really legal or not but Noah had a fun time and of course was happy that his car won. Hopefully next year he'll get the chance to make and race his own car.

Field Trip

Last Thursday I went on a field trip with Noah's class to Kingsbury Hall. We all rode on a school bus and I was in charge of Noah and 3 other kids in his class. There was a performance at Kingsbury Hall that the kids got to watch. In all honesty, I wasn't a big fan of the performance. It was dancers from different Hispanic countries performing. They did a great job but it just wasn't my thing. The kids got a little restless too. I think it went on a little too long for them. After the performance, we went and sat on the grass and ate lunch and then headed back to the school.
These are the kids I was in charge of. I couldn't get them to stand very close together for the picture. The boys couldn't stand too close to the girls and vice versa.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's day turned out to be a really nice day. We went to church and the primary kids sang a song to all of the mothers. It's always so cute to see all of the primary kids get up and sing. After church, we came home and Noah gave me his present that he got me. Kent helped him pick it out and he got me a 6 pack of diet coke and a gift card to Sampam, which is one of my favorite restaurants. We went over to my parents for dinner and had filet mignon steaks. They were so delish!! I love being a mom and having a special day each year to be honored. Sometimes, I don't feel deserving of all the praise. Motherhood is definitely the hardest thing I have done but it is so worth it. It has made me have such a greater love and appreciation for my mom and all she did and sacrificed for us growing up. One thing that I really want to try and work on is being patient. I'm just not a patient person but I need to relax sometimes and not get so impatient or upset about things that aren't even worth it or aren't going to matter years down the road. I know that what is going to matter is what memories my son had of his childhood and the kind of mother I am to him. Noah also made me this cute card at school that included Mother's Day coupons. I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.

Surprise !!!!

My Mom's 60th birthday is actually today but we had a surprise birthday party for her last Saturday. It was so much fun to put together. Warning, there are a lot of pictures in this post. It was held at the West Valley Rec Center. My Dad lured her over there thinking they were going to a 60th birthday party for Lou (Raleigh's mom). I'm so glad she was surprised. She has been telling us all for quite a while now that she didn't want a big party or fuss made over her for her birthday. We just didn't listen and planned it anyway. Check out the look of surprise on her face.

We invited some friends from her ward.

We also invited friends from her old ward that she is close to.
We also invited family from both sides.

All of my sibling were able to come, including Tara and Raleigh from Las Vegas. Each of us got up and said a few words about my mom, which I'm so bad at doing. I'm not one to be up in front of people. Then the grand kids all sang "I Love To See The Temple" and they all said why they loved grandma. Noah actually said that grandma is really kind and that grandpa should be lucky to have her. Too funny. Siera also sang a song and Caleb did a little comedy routine. We had snacks and cake. It turned out to be a good time and she ended up not even being mad at us for it.

Happy Birthday Mom and PS-doesn't she look awesome for 60???