Monday, April 26, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Another fun year of the Pinewood Derby. It was this past Saturday night. Noah always gets so excited for this event. He and Kent made his car and they painted it a hunter green with white stripes and put letters that spelled out Jazz for the Utah Jazz. It was a nice looking car. Kent knows someone that helped them do the car that knows hot to make one that is guaranteed to win. I guess the guy knows what he's talking about because Noah won again this year. I tried to talk to him and let him know it wasn't all about the winning but just trying to have fun. He said he understood. He also got awards for the "smoothest finish". They even gave out trophies this year that they are getting their names engraved on and what place they took.

Noah getting his trophy and awards

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break and Easter

Noah got out of school last Tuesday for Spring Break. He had Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, the weekend and then Monday off before he had to go back. It was nice to have the break although I think he has started to get bored and is ready to go back. The weather wasn't cooperative at all. We had a couple of pretty good snow storms so there wasn't a lot of playing outside, unfortunately. We spent Easter Sunday with Kristi and her family. My parents are on vacation in Hawaii. (We're all feeling pretty bad for them (:) Between Kristi and I, we managed to pull off an Easter dinner complete with ham, funeral potatoes, jello salad and rolls. Okay so I burned the rolls and they didn't raise and so I ended up buying some but everything else turned out great. We also had an Easter egg hunt in Kristi's backyard for the kids and they got tons of candy. It seemed odd not having my parents around but I'm sure they were enjoying themselves in Hawaii and we had a good time anyway.

We didn't do much while Noah was off but we did go and see "How To Train Your Dragon" in 3D. It was a pretty cute movie. We also dyed Easter eggs and went on an Easter egg hunt. We weren't going to go on a Easter egg hunt this year due to the weather but someone posted something on Facebook about there being an indoor one at the Hollywood Connection that didn't start until 1030 so we ended up doing that one. It was nice because it was inside and we were warm but it was pretty crowded and Noah didn't get very many eggs. He also got to have his cousin, Josh, sleep over and they had a great time staying up late playing video games and watching movies. They are such great buddies. Now back to the good old routine and hopefully Spring weather soon.