Friday, January 31, 2014

Noah's #14 Birthday

I can't believe Noah is 14.  I say this every year as he turns one year older.  It just seemed like yesterday when I was in the hospital having him.  His birthday was on the first day back to school after Christmas break.  I did a balloon door the night before so that when he opened his door in the morning, all the balloons will fall down on him.  He thought that was fun.  After he got home from school, he opened his presents and then we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  They sang to him and gave him cake.  Then we went and saw a movie.  It was his choice and he picked Grudge Match.  It was kinda dumb and wasn't my choice but it was ok.  He said he had a good birthday.  He was also ordained to the office of a teacher in our church.  My Dad did the ordination.  It was a really special day.  I also got Noah Jazz tickets to see the Oklahoma Thunder play the day after his birthday.

                            We did cake at my parents house before his birthday.  He picked the
                             chocolate chip cake.

                                                     The balloon door

                                     Noah when he was born and now

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had a nice Christmas but it went too fast as always.  We spent Christmas eve with my parents.  We just drove around looking at lights and then we came home and watched Christmas Vacation.  Then Noah went to bed and I wrapped presents.  We got up about 9 and opened gifts and then went to my parents for breakfast.  Noah seemed to be happy with the gifts he got.  He got me a red purse that I wanted.  My parents gave Noah a movie, Jazz jacket and BYU pajamas.  I got a 75 dollar gift card to a spa as did all my sisters.  It will be fun to go and use that.  I gave my dad the new John Stockton book and Tara and I went in on a gift card to a spa for my mom.  Then all of the kids pitched in to give my parents season tickets to Desert Star playhouse.  They seemed to like it.  We also had a really fun Christmas party up at Kelly and Cherish's house the Saturday before Christmas.  We had a yummy dinner, talent show and played games.

                                                   Decorating the tree

                                           Ramadan doing his talent of taking of his shirt without the ball falling

                                             Harmony and Daniel doing a cute Jingle Bell rap

                                         Ava dancing.  Sorry for the blurry cell phone pic
                                            Caleb doing a little comedy

                                          Daniel playing guitar

                                                Siera singing

                                                Abi playing piano

                                              Dad singing a Christmas song

                                                     Game time

                                              The tradition of making sugar cookies with Noah

                                                 Lights on Christmas eve

                                          Our tree on Christmas eve after Santa came :)

                                                 Noah's Christmas loot

                                    Noah and his cousin Drew.  He loves his cousins.