Thursday, December 30, 2010


Another Christmas has come and gone again. I feel so old. We had a pretty quiet Christmas this year. I had Noah for Christmas eve and Christmas morning so that was nice. We actually did a progressive dinner this year. We didn't have Kelly's family or Tara's this year. Tara was with her in laws and Kelly and his family were in Ethiopia. We missed them a lot though. We started out at Kenny's house for appetizers and they shared a Christmas message. Then we came to my house for salad and rolls. I had Noah read the M&M Christmas poem for our Christmas message. Then we went to my parents house for the main course of ham and potatoes. We also did white elephants there and let the kids exchange their gifts to each other. Josh had Noah's name and he got him a basketball which he loves. At the end of the evening, we went to Kristi's and had dessert of yummy cheesecake and watched a short clip of the Saviors life. It was a nice night. Christmas morning, Noah woke up about 745 and I made him wait until 8 to go open presents. He loved everything he got. He got an Ipod, books, movies and some gift cards. I got some pictures of Christmas morning but sad I didn't get any at the different houses for the progressive dinner.

Milk and cookies for Santa with a note.

The Ipod

Making sugar messy!

Gingerbread house-they never look as good as they do on the

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Football Banquet

We finally had our football banquet. Mind you that it was only 6 weeks after the season ended. It was totally disappointing compared to ones from the past. There were some issues between the coaches and team mom that I will spare the details of on here. The banquet was at Incredible Pizza which was a really fun place for the kids. They had an awesome all you can eat buffet. It was a little strange not having any of the coaches talk and present them with their trophies but the kids seemed okay with it. They got a tile with their football picture and number and a blue football beanie.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Noah got spotlighted in his class last week and he was so excited about it. We had to make a poster with pictures of him and his family and things that he liked. We had fun making it. It turned out pretty good. He got up in his class and told about the things that he had on the poster and then the poster got to hang in his classroom all week long. He was pretty proud of it.

Christmas Fun

We finally got our tree on Friday. We still get a real tree and my Dad told me to check out Harmons. We ended up going there and they had some really awesome, beautful trees but the best part was the price. They were only $35. I had been paying $60-70 for trees in the past and this tree was just as nice as the more expensive ones. My nephew Josh slept over on Friday night and so he and Noah helped me decorate the tree. We had a fun weekend including Noah's first Jr. Jazz game, which they lost but played tough. Then Noah went and played at Josh's most of the day while I did some shopping. That evening we went and had pizza and then I took Josh and Noah to see Tangled. Way cute movie that I highly recommend. We went and saw Christmas lights and went to temple square with Kenny and Melodie and their kids. We've been trying to watch Christmas shows and soak in as much of the season as we can before it is over. The pictures are in no particular order.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and Such....

I had an awesome Thanksgiving minus one thing...I didn't get to have my cute little guy there with me. It was his year to celebrate the day with his Dad. One of the many cons of being divorced is splitting the holidays. Ewww, how I hate it. I've gotten used to giving him up on the weekends especially now that he has gotten a little older but oh how I dread the holidays and having to share him at that time. I know its just as important for him to spend time with his dad as it is for him to spend time with me selfish but I want him all to myself on these days!!! Okay, well this post isn't meant to be a rant about that because I truly did have a nice Thanksgiving. We had all of my family at my parents house (except Noah, of course), great food and fun. We made a cute little Christmas craft that was a lot of fun while the guys and a lot of the kids went to the church to play basketball. I truly have a lot to be thankful for, my health, job, home, car, family, the gospel and my Savior and of course, my cute son, Noah. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving too. I didn't get any pictures, except for one of the cute craft we made.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goodbye To Football For Another Year

The football season ended on Saturday. It's bittersweet. We really grew to love these kids and coaches and bonded with them. It's weird to think that we won't be seeing them all the time anymore. Hopefully we will see them all again next year and maybe even be on the same team. We had a great team. Our record was 5 and 4. It was fun to see each of these kids grow and progress throughout the season. We didn't make the playoffs but still had a great year. The banquet will be soon and pics to follow.

Happy Halloween

We had a fun Halloween. We carved pumpkins, went to Nightmare Alley, had a fun Halloween party with all the cousins. (Except Drew and Luke, which we missed!) I even dressed up as Snow White this year and Noah was Michael Jackson. Noah went trick or treating with his friend Cody this year. It was a pretty rainy, cold night for trick or treating but he seemed to have fun anyway. Here are some of the pictures in no particular order.

My attempt at trying to do one of those pumpkin patterns. It's supposed to be a spider in case you can't tell.

Noah's pumpkin "in stitches".

Noah's class

Noah and his friend, Cody. They both dressed up as Michael Jackson and called themselves the "Jackson 2". Doing a classic MJ pose.

All of the grand kids in their costumes.


Beautiful Harmony in her Spider queen costume.

Cute Savani as a pirate.

Abi as a cute clown.

Noah and Cody during the Halloween parade at school.

The "hot" pirate wench, Kristi and her hubby Lloyd.

Me as Snow White (in case you couldn't tell) and Noah.

Noah with Eva as a princess and Milika as a kitty cat. Too cute.

Friends from school, Juan and Cody.

My dad as a vampire. Look out Edward Cullen as Tara said. ha ha!

Friday, October 29, 2010

National Parks Fair

This year for 5th grade they did a National Parks Fair instead of a science project but it was just as much work as a science project. Each kid picked out a park and had to write a 5 page report and do a poster board and research their park. Noah chose Harry S. Truman National Historic Site. I'm still not quite sure why this was his choice but it was. I also helped do the state posters for the fair which was a lot of work. The teacher wanted posters made of all the states that were represented in the fair. It was fun but I'm glad its over. The kids were also supposed to dress to resemble something about their park so Noah dressed up as Harry S. Truman. He wore a suit jacket and some glasses. We tried to slick his hair down a little but it's so long and thick right now that it didn't work out too well.