Saturday, March 21, 2009

Noah Getting His Wolf

Noah finally got his Wolf badge this past week at pack meeting. He was supposed to get it last month but he has a new scout leader and she didn't realize he was supposed to get it. Noah has really enjoyed scouts and has done a great job with the program. I give all the credit to his old scout leader who kept him on track and helped him pass things off so he could get his Wolf. Also, I guess when they earn a badge, they present it to them at pack meeting. They also have the scout pin a "Mothers pin" on their mother. They said that is for all the work that mothers do to help their scouts get their badges. I have to say, I haven't done much other than trying to make sure he goes to scouts each week. He had such a great scout leader last year that I didn't have to do much at all. I hope he continues to do this well in scouts and goes all the way to get his Eagle. He told me he is going to so we'll see.

I just threw in a couple of pictures of Noah in his suit. I took these a while back when he wore his suit to church. I realized I didn't have any pictures of him in his suit so I wanted to take some before it got too small for him.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Bachelor

Okay, I know I'm pathetic for even watching this show but I just can't help myself. I was so excited to watch this season when they announced that Jason Mesnick would be the new bachelor. I totally fell in love with him when he was on the Bachelorette and felt so bad for him when he was rejected by Deanna. He melted every ones hearts with how affectionate and cute he was as a single dad to his son. I was a Melissa fan the whole time and was so happy when he picked her and professed his love for her. They seemed so cute and happy until....a few minutes later they have the After the Rose Special and we quickly find out they are no longer together and Jason just kept saying that things were different. ARGGGHH!!! I was so mad. Then Melissa came out and he broke up with her on national TV and told her he was in love with Molly. I understand that he needed to follow his heart but to break up with her and tell her on national TV that he is in love with someone else, that showed no class whatsoever. I felt really bad for Melissa too. She definitely didn't deserve that. Then 5 minutes after Melissa left, Molly came out and within minutes they were already kissing and being lovey dovey. I just wasn't a huge Molly fan from the get go. She was too overconfident to me and she didn't seem as down to earth and fun as Melissa. Oh well. For those of you who didn't watch, Melissa is the one on the left and Molly is on the right. I really should just stop watching these shows anyway.

What Happens in Vegas.........

Last weekend I had a great oppurtunity to go see my sister Tara, who lives in Las Vegas. She moved there last summer and I hadn't been out to see her yet. My other sister Kristi and her daughter Siera also came. Noah came too. We all had so much fun. I can't stop thinking about the trip and how I would love to go back. It was definitely a much needed vacation. We did a lot of shopping and eating. Tara has the American Idol karaoke game so we all played that a little on Friday night. We had fun, even though I can't sing worth crap.

Saturday, we went to the Mandalay Bay to the Shark Reef Aquarium. Noah absolutely loved this. It was pretty cool inside. They had these little remotes that you could put a number in and would tell you about the particular fish you were seeing at the time. I think the kids favorite part by far was when they got to "pet" the stingrays. We then did more eating and shopping.

Later that evening, me, Kristi and Tara went and saw "He's Just Not That Into You". We all liked it. It was a pretty late show but we had fun. It was a fun bonding weekend. I'm glad I was able to go and can't wait to do it again.

Home School Musical

So for one of Noah's birthday presents, I told him I would take him to see Home School Musical at the Desert Star Playhouse. His birthday is January 6 but we weren't able to get tickets to go until February 21. It was so much fun. If you haven't been to a play there, I highly recommend it. It is definitely fun for older kids and very family friendly. The prices are reasonable too. The characters had the funniest names like Zac Teflon and Vanessa Hugsandkiss. They even had a character in there that was just like Napolean Dyanmite but his name was Linoleum. Too funny. It was a great time. They even sang happy birthday to Noah and asked him what his favorite part of the play was. The next play they are doing is American Fork Idol. Any want to go??