Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Relief Society

We had our annual RS birthday dinner last night. I was so impressed with the decor and the fun things they had for us. They had Cafe Rio salads for us and they were so yummy. We decorated crowns to wear. It was a princess themed birthday party complete with cupcakes and wands. It's such a great organization to be a part of.
Isn't the decor so cute??  I love pink and black.
Me with my princess hat on

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vegas Baby!!!

We just got back from a fun filled weekend in Vegas. We went there to visit Tara and her boys. Raleigh was out of town on a ski trip so Tara invited us out there. We left on Friday around 1 p.m. and drove pretty much straight through minus one stop for gas. We ended up in Vegas about 630 p.m. (Vegas time) We made pretty good time and I didn't have any problem staying awake. We went out to eat, did some shopping, visited with my cousin Rachel (whom I haven't seen in years), went to the Stratosphere, and had plenty of fun playing with Drew and Luke. I swear I have the cutest nieces and nephews ever. The weather wasn't the greatest while we were there but it was still a great time and fun to get away. We drove home Monday afternoon.  On our way out of town we decided to go the the Wax Museum at the Venetian Hotel.  It was pretty cool.  I couldn't believe how real some of them looked.  The pictures got out of order and I am to lazy to fix them..(:

Drew and Luke wrestling each other or as Drew would say "killing"
Noah and I at the top of the Stratosphere. We weren't really there at night but they were able to modify the picture to make it look like we were. I think it would be so much more fun and pretty to go at night.
Noah at the top of the Stratosphere

Elvis and Noah

Eva Longoria...I thought she looked pretty real
Will Smith
The Rock

Julis Roberts...Noah didn't even know who she

Brad and Angelina
Walking with the Beatles
Joe Montana
Tiger Woods
Michael Jordan
Shaq O'neal
Lady Gaga
Snoop Dog
Jack Sparrow
George Washington and Ben Franklin
Abe Lincoln
Marilyn Monroe

Not sure why Noah was making this face..

Noah in front of the volcano at the Mirage.  It was raining that night so we never got to see it erupt.  Maybe next time.

Waterfall inside the Mirage
Simon Cowell
The Blue Man Group
George Bush

Junior Jazz Wrap Up

Another Jr. Jazz season has come to an end. We had another great season. We only lost 1 regular season game. We also did a tournament and only won 1 of the 3 games but the boys had a lot of fun playing together and learning to be a team. Kent coached them again this year and Noah seems to like him coaching. They had mostly the same kids again except for a couple new ones. I think Noah wants to try a super league or the A Train league next season. I don't think Jr. Jazz is as challenging enough for him anymore and he would like to play against some more competitive kids and be on a tougher team so I will probably look into it for next year.  I always think I took more pictures than I did but I guess I didn't so here are the ones that I got.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Valentines Day and the Jazz Game

I actually had to work this year on Valentines Day which I didn't mind too much. I knew the restaurants and theaters would be crowded anyway. I gave Noah a bag of Valentine candy and surprised him with tickets to a Jazz game. I splurged a little and got some great seats in the lower bowl from KSL. It makes such a difference to sit there instead of clear up in the nosebleeds. They played the Washington Wizards and won by about 20 points. It was a really fun game. After the game, we went down on the court and the usher offered to take a picture of us. After the game, we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for some yummy dessert.  We ended up sitting right next to us was Gordon Hayward and a player (Shelvin Mack) from the Wizards. Noah got both of their autographs. Then a few minutes later, Earl Watson came in and Noah got his autograph too. Looking back now, I really wish that we would have gotten a photo with them. Oh well, maybe next time. Noah was super excited.  Noah also made a cute Valentine box for school.  This is his last year of doing a box since they don't do it in jr. high.  He did a Chicago Bulls box.  He has really liked them this year and is a huge fan of Derrick Rose.