Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goodbye To Football For Another Year

The football season ended on Saturday. It's bittersweet. We really grew to love these kids and coaches and bonded with them. It's weird to think that we won't be seeing them all the time anymore. Hopefully we will see them all again next year and maybe even be on the same team. We had a great team. Our record was 5 and 4. It was fun to see each of these kids grow and progress throughout the season. We didn't make the playoffs but still had a great year. The banquet will be soon and pics to follow.

Happy Halloween

We had a fun Halloween. We carved pumpkins, went to Nightmare Alley, had a fun Halloween party with all the cousins. (Except Drew and Luke, which we missed!) I even dressed up as Snow White this year and Noah was Michael Jackson. Noah went trick or treating with his friend Cody this year. It was a pretty rainy, cold night for trick or treating but he seemed to have fun anyway. Here are some of the pictures in no particular order.

My attempt at trying to do one of those pumpkin patterns. It's supposed to be a spider in case you can't tell.

Noah's pumpkin "in stitches".

Noah's class

Noah and his friend, Cody. They both dressed up as Michael Jackson and called themselves the "Jackson 2". Doing a classic MJ pose.

All of the grand kids in their costumes.


Beautiful Harmony in her Spider queen costume.

Cute Savani as a pirate.

Abi as a cute clown.

Noah and Cody during the Halloween parade at school.

The "hot" pirate wench, Kristi and her hubby Lloyd.

Me as Snow White (in case you couldn't tell) and Noah.

Noah with Eva as a princess and Milika as a kitty cat. Too cute.

Friends from school, Juan and Cody.

My dad as a vampire. Look out Edward Cullen as Tara said. ha ha!