Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Basketball season has started again and Noah tried out and made the varsity team at Matheson.  He is pretty excited because they are letting him be starting point guard.  I wish the season were longer.  It's only 6-8 games so it's over by Christmas break.  They didn't have that great of a season and only ended up winning 2-3 games.  Ironically, their last game was their best game.  They hustled and played good offense and defense.  They lost but only by 2 points.  I would much rather see them play hard like that and do their best even if they lose.  Noah got to play almost the whole game of every game so he was pretty excited.  The coach doesn't do much subbing so I felt bad for some of the kids that didn't get to play much.  Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures.  Noah is #15.

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