Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We had a nice Thanksgiving.  It was all my siblings year to be at my parents so it was kinda crazy but great to have everyone all there together.  I realized that I didn't take any photos.  Sometimes we just get in the moment of enjoying everyone and forget to capture the moments.  Kevin had Thanksgiving with us this year too.  It was pretty crowded in my parents house but it was fun and of course we ate way too much food.  The one nice thing with Kent not coming around for Noah is I don't have to share the holidays.  I enjoy having him with me on all the holidays.  We ate a lot and played games.  The boys went to the church and played basketball for a little bit.  The day after Thanksgiving, we got together and did a little Christmas craft with all the sisters.
The number 25 on the shelf was the Christmas craft we made

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